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Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar Trekking Tour

Mt. Kailash (6714m) is the most sacred mountain in Asia. It is believed to be the physical embodiment of the mythical Mt Meru, said to be the center of the universe or 'navel of the world' . Mt. Meru is depicted as a mandala, and its image occurs throughout both Buddhista and Hindu parts of Asia. Images of Mt Meru occur as far away as Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Borobadur in Indonesia. Mt Kailas is holy to followers of four religions. To Hindus, Kailas is the abode of Shiva and nearby Manasarobar Lake is the means or soul of Brahma. Tibetans call Kailas Kang Rimpoche. Jains worship it as Mt Ashtapada, the peak from which the religion's founder, Rishabanatha, achieved spiritual liberation. Followers of Bon-Po, the ancient pre- Buddhist shamanistic religion of Tibet, revere Kailas as the soul of Tibet.

Another geographical factor that contributes to the mystical aspect of Kailas is that nearby are the headwaters of four major rivers of the Indian subcontinent, the Sutlej, Karnili (a major tributary of the Ganges), Brahmaputra and Indus. The mouths of these rivers ate more than 2,000 km apart, yet they all have their source within 100 km on Mt Kailash.


Special Travel Packages

USD$ 2500.00 16 Days Zhambu - Kailash - Zhambu Tour

Zhambu - Kailash - Zhambu The circumbulation of Mt Kailash is an important pilgrimage for Hindus, Brddhistats and Jains. Hindus perforn a parikarama, Buddhistas call it a Kira. Iou are welcome to do either of these, or simply make a trek around the peak. Tibetan Buddhists believe that a single kora washes away the sins of one life and that 108 circuits secure nirvana in this life. Devout Tibetans often make the 52 km circuit in a singles day. Indian....


USD$ 2800.00 16 days Saga Dawa Festival Tour 2012

Saga Dawa Festival TourSaga Dawa Festival tour 2012 - The biggest annual festival of Mt. Kailash. Saga Dawa Festival is observed by Tibetan Buddhist as one of the important festival in their society. It therefore occupied an important position in the Tibetan society held each year on the full moon day of the fourth lunar month of the Tibetan calendar. This festival is celebrated in honor of Sakyamuni's and his enlightenment.


USD$ 1600.00 10 days Lhasa - Everest Base Camp Tour

Lhasa - Everest Base CampCulture of Tibet which is completely dedicated to Buddhism is arguably the most particular and convoluted of all that have evolved with time and made their presence felt. Everyone in your group can have a taste of the Tibetan culture during the many live performance shows you can catch anywhere, on streets or open fields. These shows equally fascinate young and elderly people as they are full of colours and energy. For a more professional show, check out the tourism department.


USD$ 1300.00 08 days Kathmandu - Lhasa Tour

Kathmandu - Lhasa TourA good option for travellers operating in a limited time frame, this tour - one of our most popular - takes advantage of the so-called 'Friendship Highway' between the two capital cities. Highlights en route are Sukya, the largest monastery in Tibet, Shigatse, Tibet's second largest city, Tashilungpo Monastery, the seat of Panchen Lama, Shalu Monastery, Gyantse (Tibet's ancient trading hub) and the beautiful Turquoise Lake, Yamdruk Tso, which is Tibet's largest freshwater lake.